Zach Pine Nature Sculpture - event Heading



In partnership with Friends of Five Creeks and River of Words
Berkeley, CA; June 5, 2006

Community members gathered to make art at the mouth of Schoolhouse Creek, where it empties into San Francisco Bay. Friends of Five Creeks President Susan Schwartz and I introduced the site, which sits on landfill that was once used as a dump. When we fanned out to explore, we found lots of colorful sea glass from the old dump, inspiring many glass artworks.

Schoolhouse Creek is culverted underground throughout its course through Berkeley, except for a few short segments above ground. It flows into the bay through a huge concrete pipe. This map shows our site in West Berkeley.

For more photos, see the event photo gallery.

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photo of father and son making art on culverted mouth of creek
photo of art on culverted mouth of creek
photo of man crouching to make art
photo of girl crouching to make art
 photo of glass chunks spelling out: Blue Sand Again
 photo of sea glass in a jar
 photo of sculpture with sea glass and pine cone
silhouettes of people working at sunset
sunset behind glass sculpture