Zach Pine Nature Sculpture - event Heading



Sponsored by Sun Valley Center for the Arts
Ketchum, ID; November 11 and 12, 2006

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5 artists in the snow with a big snowball

This two-day series of events began on the first snowy day of the winter, in a vacant lot a few blocks from the Sun Valley Center for the Arts.

girl making circle in snow with her foot

The thin layer of white snow made a sharp contrast with the brown soil below.

 snow and wood sculpture

The surrounding mountain peaks, barely visible through the storm clouds, were echoed in some of the artwork.

5 artists in the snow making a big snowball sculpture
photo of meandering dirt path through snow and photo of sun-like stone sculpture

Warm sun the next day melted some of the snow, feeding the nearby Big Wood River.

photo of adults and children making art indoors in gallery

We moved inside the Sun Valley Center for the Arts to make sculptures using local natural materials.

two boys making sculpture on the floor
 girl sitting next to her art on the floor
girl working on sculpture with sticks
 photo of stick sculpture