Zach Pine Nature Sculpture - event Heading




"It was a fun and messy adventure."
"...and remember everything is art!"
"The great thing was we all got along."

photo of bulletin board with writing

Bulletin board outside Ms. Ryba's classroom featuring student writing and art making.

Nature Sculpture by Elsa

When we went to the creek, I partnered up with Jackson and Kori. Together we all made a boat. We used aloe vera for the base, sticks for a fence, and flowers and string for decoration. The great thing was we all got along.

To make our boat, we got a leaf of aloe vera and we used that as a base. Then we stuck small sticks on the sides. Then we took two medium sticks and stuck them in the middle. Then we wrapped twine around the two medium sticks and stuck flowers in the twine.

Nature Sculpture by Kori

We had to use a lot of materials to make our sculpture. Me and Jackson started the trio and while he asked for permission to pick a leaf, I found the aloe vera that Zach brought down that we used for the main part of our ship.

Jackson stuck two sticks equal distance away from each other on the aloe vera. Then as I stuck small bits of sticks to form the railing, he wound the string that Elsa had found around the two tall sticks. Elsa stuck mini pinecones next to the tall sticks and some small flowers in the string, and our sculpture was finished.

Nature Sculpture by Jackson

When me, Kori and Elsa went to the creek, we made an airship. We used aloe vera for the base and I tied a flower to a stick with rope that Elsa found. Then I put another stick in the aloe vera and tied string between the sticks. Kori put little sticks in the sides like a fence. We all had a great time making it.

My Nature Abode by Ocean

One day I made a nature sculpture. I used flowers, sticks, leaves, and a little thing with a yellow puff on it. I found the flowers by a bush. I found the sticks and leaves on the ground and I also found a banana leaf for the bottom.

I made my "abode" by putting sticks into the banana leaf and sticking ivy leaves onto the sticks. Then I connected the ivy by making holes in the leaves and sticking the stem of another leaf through the hole. Then for a finishing touch, I put the thing with the yellow puff in the middle of the two inward leaning sticks. TA-DA!! A beautiful nature abode.

Pyramid of Egypt by Wesley

Daron and I were at a log. We didn't know what to do so we got an idea. We got a lot of big rocks and put them on the log. We saw little rocks in a little river so we added them on top of the big ones.

Then we found pebbles too so we added them too. Then we saw some poison ivy so we didn't pick them. Then a guy named Zach said, "Those are just ivy, not poison ivy," so we picked them and added them to our pyramid.

Pyramid of Egypt by Daron

Hello, Zach. Me and Wesley found our stuff almost at the lake. I found the rocks and Wesley built it with a log. Then we got ivy leaves, not poisonous ivy. It was kind of hard because I took all the rocks and there were no more, and Wesley took all of the leaves and everything was so heavy like the logs.

Nature Sculpture by Habib

My nature sculpture, I worked alone. The materials I used were sticks, rocks, and leaves. How I knew I was going to work alone was first me and Ray were going to work together but Ray decided to work with RJ.

What I made was a protection for a plant. How I started was I found a plant then stuck it in the ground. Then I got some rocks and put them in between the sticks. Then Zach showed me some invader leaves. I got those and put them on the rocks and I showed it to Mr. John.

Nature Village by Eva

When I made my sculpture, I worked alone. I used rocks I found in the creek and some dead flowers the teacher called "Dr. Seuss plants." I also used pink flowers and big ivy leaves that were invader plants. I thought it would be cool if my sculpture had a miniature garden. So I gathered some clovers and some green furry things and added them to my pile of Dr. Seuss plants, flowers, leaves, and sticks.

I created a tiny village around the baby plant I was protecting. First, I made a protective wall around the baby plants, but it kept getting trampled. The people who stepped on it said it needed to be more noticeable and bigger. So I heaved more rocks on. That was the end of my sculpture getting stepped on. When I was heaving rocks out of the creek and gathering sticks and leaves, I realized I needed a place to store all my stuff. I saw a rock that someone had tried to pull out of the ground, but the rock was only halfway out. There was a little gap between the rock and the ground where I could store my things. I made the little village by stacking sticks the way you stack Lincoln logs. Then I made a roof out of leaves. My village was finished.

Fairy House of Magic by Amber

When I was working in the creek, I worked with Ari, Olivia, Valeria, Maraya, and Rané. We used rocks and pink flowers. We used leaves, sticks, and cups of water.

Me, Ari, Olivia, Valeria, Rané and Maraya made a fairy house but we called it "The Fairy House of Magic." First, me and Rané were getting stuff and gathering it. Ari and Valeria were making the living room. Maraya and Olivia were making the bedrooms. And all of us made the stairs. And that is how the Fairy House of Magic ended.

Fairy House of Magic by Maraya

One day I went to the creek with my class and we made sculptures. My partners were Ari, Olivia, Valeria, and Rané. We used rocks, flowers, leaves, and sticks. We gathered our stuff together and made something.

Me, Ari, Olivia, Valeria and Rané made a fairy house. We put rocks in a circle and we each made fairy rooms for each of us with leaves and flowers. We put rocks on our beds. We got two fork sticks and hammered it into the ground. After that, we got a long stick and laid it into the two fork sticks spaces. The last thing we put flowers all around the fairy house and put water in each bedroom.

Fairy House of Magic by Valeria

When I went to the creek, I made the fairy house of magic with Amber, Ari, Olivia, and Maraya.

We used flowers, rocks, leaves and sticks. When we did it, we made rooms, kitchens, living rooms and a room of magic. Then we said what space we want and it was near a river. We used the rocks to separate the rooms, flowers to decorate the rooms, the leaves to make the beds and the sticks for the door.

Fairy House of Magic by Ari

In the fairy house of magic, we had flowers, rocks, and leaves. It was a wonderful house by the creek. My partners were Olivia, Valeria, Maraya and Amber. The fairy house of magic had three rooms.

We created a house. We had to find our materials. Then stick the stuff in the wet ground by the water and remember everything is art!

Fairy House of Magic by Olivia

I worked on a fairy house with Amber, Ari, Valeria and Maraya. The materials we used were wood, leaves, plants, roots, a cup, rocks, and water.

My companions and I made a fairy house. We made a garden with flowers and sticks. We put rocks around it. We made some parts on the rocks in the water. We made beds with leaves. We even made a waterfall.

Nature Sculpture by Jaden

I worked on my nature sculpture all by myself. I used leaves, sticks, and rocks. I used these to build a village on a log. I stuck sticks through leaves to make umbrellas.

Water Slide by Jasmina

My partner was Rané for half of the time. Then she did something else. We used creek rocks and wet sand. We also found banana skin that we found on the ground. We used a piece of wood that we used on the bottom to hold it up. We put a giant rock on the bottom too so it would be more stable.

We made a water slide out of a piece of tree bark because we made our sculpture in the water. We got two sticks around it and we put rocks around the sticks to guard it. It was a fun and messy adventure.

Water Slide by Rané

The first time I did my sculpture was with Jasmina. We made a water slide that had water and we had people going down the water slide. It was cool because we made the people out of sticks. We made the slide out of sticks, banana leaves, rocks, a piece of wood and Dr. Seuss flowers. It was a fun project.

Nature Sculpture by Ray

When I was working with RJ, we used lots of rocks and a water slide and water in the middle. RJ and I made a waterpark. We used rocks to surround the water. We made a big pool in the middle to make little rocks go in. And we were making four pools.

Nature Sculpture by RJ

We needed rocks. We needed tons of water. We needed lots and lots of plants. Most of our sculpture needed soil. My partner was Ray. He's funny. When we had a talk, we would make jokes.

We made a water park. We got so wet. We started with some rocks in the water. And we thought we should make a waterpark. We made it from scratch.

Nature's Boat by Haroun

"Hey Sultan, do you want to make a boat?" "OK." Me and Sultan made something out of nature. We're going to tell you about it. We used flowers, Dr. Seuss plants and bark. Sultan was a good partner. He really did a lot of good stuff.

We made a tiny kingdom. It was awesome. I like it. We put the Dr. Seuss flowers in the bark. We put everything in the bark. The boat was so awesome!

Nature's Boat by Sultan

Me and Haroun made a boat. We made it out of rocks, leaves, soil, and sticks.

I got all the materials and Haroun made the boat. I got rocks from the water and sticks, soil and leaves from the ground. It was fun having Haroun as a partner.