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In Partnership With
Wild Zones and Hooked on Nature
San Jose, CA; November 15, 2007

Our site, at the confluence of two waterways in Guadalupe River Park and Gardens, was just a short walk from Escuela Popular. Yet the site was a new discovery for all the students of this inner-city charter school.

For more photos, see the event photo gallery.

In 2008, I partnered with Wild Zones and Escuela Popular again, working in another San Jose park.

Zach introducing himself and the site

Zach introduced himself and offered simple instructions: "explore, discover, create, find your power." His words were translated into Spanish by Escuela Popular Principal Alba Lucia Diaz (right of Zach in photo).

 zach encourages a teen to make sculpture
 zach helps a teen make art
Teen making art
 woven grass sculpture
Teen with his art
 pine cone sculpture
Three teens with their art
 Teen admiring art
sculpture of man
sculpture of pig
closing circle of teens

For our closing circle, we all held connected branches and spoke of our experiences.

 closing circle of teens" />