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Zach Pine Nature Sculpture and Environmental Art

Interview with Ingrid Taylar, October 31, 2007
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Zach Pine is a San Francisco Bay Area environmental artist with a unique approach to public art installations. He organizes events that engage both adults and children in hands-on creation -- using natural materials like fennel stalks and stones.

The sculptures are designed to be temporary and non-destructive, sometimes integrating projects like restoring trails, clearing brush, and then using the discarded branches, leaves and natural materials for an art sculpture.

One of Zach Pine's longest-running public events is the Earth Day Celebration at Stinson Beach on the weekend closest to April 22.

He's also involved in ongoing public and private projects that involve a similar artistic theme and environmental ethic -- from creek restoration projects that include some nature sculpture, to his Nature Sculpture Arenas at festivals and fairs where visitors can stop in to create their own natural vision.

You can see more of Zach Pine's work and upcoming event schedule at his website: Zach Pine Nature Sculpture.

And for a small sample of Zach's public works, see a Nature Sculpture Photo Gallery.

You were a Selected Artist in the International Competition of Environmental Art [Paradise International Art Center, 2006]. How does one distinguish environmental art, from, say, a sculptor who's using rocks to build a permanent installation?

There's a link at describing what environmental art is. Environmental art is like an umbrella term that encompasses a lot of different practices. What they have in common is that their aims are not purely aesthetic . . . . for the most part, there's an aim that actually has to do with the environment.